Parking Permits

One of the worst things about owning a car in a large urban city is the parking situation. The concept of free parking is one that's lost in big cities and if you rely on driving in a city like Vancouver or Toronto you better get your change purse ready to pay those meters. Not only do you usually have to pay for parking in large cities you're also going to have to budget your time accordingly and get to places earlier than you had planned or else you're going to be looking for parking longer than you would when browsing MLS Newmarket ads.

Parking spaces are scarce and coveted in the big city and you could be stuck in traffic driving around for a long time until a parking spot opens up; or having to park far away from your destination and walking more than you had expected to. Those are the breaks when you're a car owner in a large city and if you decide that you're above the rules then you'll come to learn a very hard lesson, which is that if you decide to park in non-parking zones when looking for a spot near the photography art gallery or fail to pay the meter you'll come away with a very steep fine.

Is paying a fine that can be upwards of hundreds of dollars worth it because you found a non-parking zone parking spot minutes away from the movie theater or your Toronto breast implants doctor's office? We don't think so and if you were to think about it long enough you probably wouldn't think so either. So why bother risking it? Your money could be used on better things such as getting legal advice from Mathews Dinsdale than to pay for a parking ticket fine.

One thing you can do if you know you're going to need to drive to a certain area of town is to scope the parking situation beforehand. Find out where the non-parking zones are, check to see if there are any designated free parking zones or areas with a parking meter nearby where you have to go, or at the very worst, how much above or underground parking would be.

It might mean you would have to spend less time on your condos for sale in Downtown Toronto search but it could also mean not getting a parking ticket, which we think wouldn't be that bad of a trade off.

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