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Mathews, Dinsdale & Clark is one of the country's oldest labour law firm and has been known since its inception as a firm that specializes in labour law. It is also a company that is always interested in educating the next generation of great lawyers through internships and other training. One of the events that they host annually is the Mathews, Dinsdale & Clark National Labour Arbitration Competition. While many universities announce competitions annually for their students, this is one that includes law school students from across the country and is an anticipated event in the legal world.

The National Labour Arbitration Competition takes place over one weekend every January and starts with a reception at the Mathews Dinsdale & Clark offices. The competition itself takes place at the Ontario Labour Relations Board and each team has one union counsel and one management counsel. This is a simulation, which is presented in front of a tri-partite panel. The Moot Committee decides on two finalists who compete against each other on the Sunday for a trophy. While Osgoode Hall won the 2010 Mathews Dinsdale Arbitration Competition, it is anyone's game every year for who will take home the final prize.

It is the hope of this illustrious law firm that students are able to learn more about labour law in Canada through competing in this event. It is certainly an event that is growing over the years and while schools like Dalhousie and Osgoode Hall participate now, it is likely that more will join in the coming years. This is also a way for the associates and partners at Mathews Dinsdale & Clark to meet some of the best students currently studying law across the country.

Those on the management side of the arbitration are given the opportunity to work with members of the Mathews Dinsdale team while those on the opposing side are supported by other significant members of the Toronto law community. The panelists include many several people who sit on the Ontario Court of Appeal, as well as presidents of local universities, representatives from the Canada Industrial Relations Board, and late arbitrators. Each year's competition deals with an issue that is relevant to the current state of labour law in Canada. This is an amazing and unique chance for the students to hear and learn from the best in their future field.

Credits offered at U of T Faculty of Law and the University of Western Ontario, to name a few, go towards the students' degrees and there is usually a long list of students who would like to participate in the event. Each school decides the standards for how their students will be selected. For example, UWO posts competition guidelines that selection depends on the student's performance in the Lerners LLP Cup.


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